Healthy Living Pharmacy

From concept to delivery...

Learn about Healthy Living Pharmacy from the people who have been there since the beginning.


The Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) concept was initially developed in Portsmouth in 2009 and thereafter successfully developed through a national pathfinder initiative into what we have today.


At the very centre of HLP is the use of the skills, enthusiasm and commitment of the whole pharmacy team ensuring that service delivery benefits from strength in depth.


HLP’s roots were in change management and organisational development – supporting pharmacy to deliver a consistent and high quality health and wellbeing service alongside the provision of our core medicine supply and support services.


Public Health England have published national Quality Criteria and Assessment of Compliance process and HLP is to be embedded as part of the community pharmacy contractual framework in England within a new Quality Payment scheme. You can read our quick guide to the Quality Payment scheme here.  There will be 20 points available worth a minimum of £1280 (£2,560 over the 2 years of accreditation) assuming contractors achieve and self-declare Level 1 HLP status at one of the two claim points in 2017. We have created a simple guide which helps you understand how Pharmacy Complete can support you to achieve the HLP criteria.


Now is the time to take action and put everything in place; we can support you at every step


Pharmacy Complete are an RSPH accredited centre and our Health Champion course is compliant with the new 2017 syllabus; both our Leadership course (face-to-face and distance-learning) meet all the requirements of the HLP Quality Criteria.


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Deborah and Mike have been supporting HLP since its conception through engagement of pharmacy owners, their teams and local and national stakeholders, project management, implementation support, leadership development, Health Champion training, plus assimilating and analysing the evidence.


We are as committed as we were at the very beginning and truly believe in the power of HLPs to improve the Nation's health. It is the right thing to do for many reasons, but certainly as a foundation for a sustainable future for pharmacy.






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