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Pharmacy is a little behind the curve when it comes to developing leaders and many pharmacists are thrown in at the deep end when they begin their role as a manager and leader. Having been there, we think it is important for pharmacists to develop the leadership and management skills to reach their potential.


Everyone in the pharmacy team plays an important part in delivering the HLP model and ethos. With current pressures meaning we are having to achieve more with less, having a motivated workforce has never been more important; evidence from many workforce studies has shown that having engaged and developed employees increases productivity.


Change is the only constant so we must adapt and evolve to deliver against increasing demands and expectations.


This requires effective team leadership.


Supporting the management of change underpins the HLP model and strong leadership from the pharmacist, manager and Health Champion is therefore critical to create a compelling and relevant purpose and empower all within the pharmacy to pro-actively engage with the public and create a health living ethos.


Effective leadership has been shown to be an important characteristic of innovation and delivery of services and is becoming an increasing focus for the NHS to transform the health care.


Our training has formed the basis of leadership development for HLP and follows the NHS Healthcare Leadership Model and RPS Leadership Development Framework.


We were the pioneers in developing the HLP leadership programme and continue to evolve and develop our offer to ensure that HLP leaders emerge inspired and can succeed in their leadership role.

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