Health Champion assessments...

When you feel ready, follow the instructions below

and test your knowledge...



1. Mock assessment


Click on the button below to take the mock assessment online.


Specific instructions on what's involved in the assessment and how long you have.


The test will open in a new browser tab so these instructions will still be here when you need them.


You will be given your score immediately on passing the assessment.


The pass mark is 20 out of 30 (66%).


Come back to this page after you've taken the mock assessment and move onto step 2.


Good luck!


"Life is your challenge. Complete it."


Andrew R Macandrew

Take the mock assessment

2. RSPH assessment


If you have scored 20 out of 30 (66%) or more, well done, you have passed!


You are ready to take the official RSPH assessment.


Taking the mock assessment alone does not automatically create a request

for the RSPH assessment.


Click on the button below and complete the form to request your official assessment

and we'll send it to your named invigilator in the post.


Don't forget to keep learning while you wait for the assessment to arrive.


"Excellence is caring more than others think is wise,

risking more than others think is safe,

dreaming more than others think is practical,

expecting more than others think is possible."


Winston Churchill

Request the RSPH assessment

3. Further study


If you have scored less than 20 out of 30 (66%) then unfortunately you may not be ready

to take the official RSPH assessment.


Take some time to reflect on the areas that you felt you struggled with, review your Health Champion workbook and speak to the members of your team who are supporting you.


You can take the mock assessment as many times as you like to practice until you feel

that you are ready to the official assessment.


Click on the button below to get in touch with us if we can help support your on your

journey to becoming a Health Champion.


"To achieve great things, two things are needed. A plan and not quite enough time."


Leonard Bernstein

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